Got music?

The #FIRSTParody Song Competition is open for 2016/2017 submissions!

How it works:

  • Change the lyrics to your favorite song in support of FIRST and its mission to spread robots and happiness across the galaxy
  • Record a high quality video featuring your parody
  • The video must be between 0:30 and 3:30 in length
  • Caption your lyrics
  • Upload your video to YouTube
  • Add your video to FIRST‘s 2016/2017 playlist here
  • Deadline is Tuesday, November 1st at 5pm
  • The contest is open to anyone – participants, mentors, volunteers, alumni, sponsors, fans – so don’t let your mom beat you to it!

Check out classics like We’re Gonna Build a Robot, the FRC Rhapsody, and last year’s winner, One Bot Can Change the World.

Need more inspiration? See the YouTube playlist from last year here. Let’s #makeitloud!