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How Our Team is Organized

The Flying Legion is comprised of five sub-teams of students, our academic leaders, and mentors from the community. There are six officer positions and tons of opportunities to find your place in our team.

What are the sub-teams and what do they do?

Each of our five sub-teams plays a vital role, and they all work together. Four of them focus on the robot itself and the other focuses on building our team and involving our community. Led by a captain, each sub-team welcomes new members each year and makes sure they find their unique place in the Flying Legion. Join us, we have a spot for you!

What is a FIRST Robotics Competition really like?

See our robot stacking bins and picking up “litter” during the 2015 Recycle Rush:

Robot – Mechanical

Builds robot main structures and constructs game pieces

Robot – Programming

Creates a sequence of events using Labview C++ or Java to guide the robot

Robot – Electrical

Installs electronics, wiring, and circuit boards

Robot – Drive

Controls the robot during competitions, and adds game pieces during the course of the game

Public Relations

Media – Creates videos, t-shirts, recruitment posters, and manages social media accounts

Outreach – Finds events to showcase the robot, selects volunteer opportunities for our team, and recruits new team members

Fundraising – Stays in touch with sponsors, seeks new sponsors, organizes and runs events

Demonstration – Creates a fun demo and presents it at various events

Officer and Lead positions



Community Outreach

Team Leadership

Vice President – Administration

Second in Command

Orients New Team Members

Vice President – Competition

Scouts Other Teams

Works with Strategy Leader

Safety Officer

Monitors Use of Tools

Oversees Pit During Competition

Project Manager

Keeps Robot Construction on Schedule

Encourages Teamwork

Shop Manager

Acquires and Manages Physical Materials and Tools

Encourages Teamwork

Strategy Leader

Evaluates Game Obstacles

Recommends Robot Design and Gameplay Strategies

Helps Scout Other Teams

Drive Team Positions

Lead Driver


Human Player


Website Administrator

Manages and Updates Website

Creates Posts for Team News

Adds Events to the Calendar

Our Team working in Mr. Smith’s classroom at the Houston County Career Academy